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Sun exposure can trigger changes in your skin including discoloration leading to brown spots. If you’re bothered by brown spots on your skin, the team of expert dermatologists at Vanguard Dermatology offers exams and treatments at their seven offices located in New York City, Brooklyn, Forest Hills, and Staten Island, New York. In many cases, your dermatologist can provide procedures to remove your brown spots and leave you with clear, beautiful skin.

Brown Spots Q & A

What are the Brown Spots on My Skin?

It’s rare for someone to have naturally flawless skin with no moles, freckles, or other marks. However, too much sun exposure can lead to discoloration, usually called age or liver spots. Or, as you get older, you may develop benign brown growths known as seborrheic keratosis — often called barnacles of aging. These brown marks can grow anywhere on your body, although they’re most frequently found on skin that is often exposed to sunlight such as your face, neck, shoulders, chest, and hands.

While in most cases, moles, freckles, age spots, and seborrheic keratosis aren’t dangerous, it’s still critical to keep an eye on your skin and mention any changes to your doctor or dermatologist.

What Causes Brown Spots and Other Skin Discoloration?

Your genes and environmental factors, including how much time you spend in the sun and whether or not you use sunscreen, contribute to your risk of age spots, seborrheic keratosis, and other types of skin discoloration. Your risk is higher if you have fair skin, red hair, or a history of frequent sunburns.

The UV rays in sunlight make your skin produce melanin more quickly. Over time, you develop age spots as the melanin clumps together. Seborrheic keratosis is also triggered by excessive sun exposure, although the exact cause isn’t fully understood and you can also develop seborrheic keratosis on parts of your body that are always covered by clothing.

How Can I Get Rid of the Brown Spots on My Skin?

The doctors at Vanguard Dermatology offer a comprehensive range of cosmetic and medical treatments to reduce discoloration and remove abnormal or unwanted skin growths.

These include treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and photodynamic therapy, which reduce the appearance of age spots with either deep exfoliation that removes the extra melanin in your skin or by breaking up the melanin so your body can process and remove it.* The doctors can also use cryotherapy or laser treatments to remove seborrheic keratosis.

If you notice any changes in your skin including new growths, changing moles or freckles, or patches of rough, scaly skin, you should make an appointment with the expert physicians at Vanguard Dermatology for diagnosis and removal treatments. Call the practice or book online today.

*Individual results may vary.