Top Ideas to Make Your National Skin Care Awareness Month Even Better

Woman feeling her clear skin Top Ideas to Make Your National Skin Care Awareness Month Even Better

From acne to wrinkles, visible skin care concerns are the main reason that patients come into a dermatology office. But the truth is that anyone can benefit from a health-promoting dermatological treatment. Here are a few options to make your Skin Care Awareness Month extra rejuvenating.

Best Ideas for Skin Care

Get a Chemical Peel

Getting a chemical peel, either as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with another type of facial treatment, is a great option if you’re looking to reduce acne scars or minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Using a special solution that acts as a chemical exfoliant, chemical peels remove the topmost layer of dead skin cells. This reveals fresh layers of skin beneath and promotes further production of collagen and elastin -- two substances responsible for the skin’s firmness that decrease with age.

Peels are superficial treatments, so they’re non-invasive. They’re also quick, typically lasting around 30 minutes. There are different depths of chemical peels, which a doctor can advise you on based on your particular concerns and skin type. You’ll notice results like brighter skin and more even skin tone with just one treatment, but over time and through repetition, results increase. Many people who want to decrease fine lines and wrinkles or reduce acne scars receive chemical peels every six to eight weeks.

Try Microdermabrasion

Like chemical peels, microdermabrasion treatments can be combined with another facial treatment or received on their own. And like chemical peels, the treatment itself is super quick. During microdermabrasion, the topmost layer of dead skin cells is also removed, revealing new skin cells beneath. Unlike a chemical peel, however, this is achieved not through a chemical solution but rather with a mildly abrasive tool. This tool acts as an exfoliant to slough off dead skin cells.

Microdermabrasion, especially when repeated every six to eight weeks, can also work wonders on wrinkles and reduce acne scars. Any time skin is exfoliated and fresh skin cell growth is stimulated, the skin is more likely to stay smooth, firm, and youthful-looking.

Get a Skin Cancer Screening

If you’re not getting an annual mole check every year, this month is a good time to start. A skin cancer screening can help ensure that your existing moles are benign (or non-cancerous) and that any malignant (or cancerous) moles are caught and treated early. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer globally and kills two Americans every hour.

It’s important that you regularly check yourself for moles as well. If you notice new moles or changes in the size, shape, color, or border of existing moles, see a doctor right away. Keep your skin and the rest of your body healthy by going to your dermatologist for a skin cancer screening at least once a year.

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