How Does Collagen Induction Therapy Help Your Body Heal?

Woman having collagen induction therapy How Does Collagen Induction Therapy Help Your Body Heal?

How often do you look in the mirror and notice that pesky scar, those new wrinkles, or the large pores on your face? Chances are you have at least one mark on your body that you don’t like. Don’t lose heart! There’s a simple procedure called collagen induction therapy (CIT) that can help to smooth, tone, and brighten your skin. From stretch mark treatment to wrinkle reduction, CIT can help your body heal itself.

What to Know About Collagen Induction Therapy

What is Collagen?

Collagen comes from the Greek word for glue, and it literally holds our body together. It’s the most common protein in the human body. Collagen provides strength and cushioning to many parts of the body, including the skin. But collagen breaks down as we age, causing our skin to wrinkle and sag. Scientists and medical professionals have discovered ways of replacing aging collagen and using collagen to regenerate skin tissue to heal wounds and minimize scars.

The Magic of Collagen Induction Therapy

We all know about the importance of helping our bodies have more collagen. The cosmetics industry has developed hundreds of specialty types of collagen to help remedy our aging collagen. However, imagine if we could get our bodies to make their own collagen! That’s the magic of collagen induction therapy. Also called microneedling, CIT is a minimally invasive procedure performed within a medical context. It’s a relatively painless process, which involves puncturing the skin (usually on the face) with microneedles. As a result, the skin produces dramatic amounts of its own collagen. CIT can also induce the body to produce elastin, another protein in the body that creates elasticity in the skin. Through microneedling, skin revives itself from the inside out, prompting the body to return to its youthful state.

In CIT, each patient is treated with their own individual microneedles, ensuring safety and sterility. The skin is sterilized and numbed before treatment, creating a pain-free process. Although you may notice a slight pink coloration on the skin the day after the procedure, this is a sign that your body is busy regenerating its own collagen.

The Benefits of Collagen Induction Therapy

Collagen induction therapy can benefit you, regardless of your age, gender, or skin type. If you are experiencing the effects of aging skin with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you’re probably looking for wrinkle treatment. CIT can help smooth and tighten in the areas where your collagen is breaking down. Perhaps you have scarring from acne. Even if your acne scarring is deep, microneedling is a very effective way of causing your skin to produce more collagen, healing the pocks on your face and reducing your acne scars. If you struggle with larger pores, you should consider CIT, which can help plump the skin around the pores, causing them to close up. CIT can even help reverse the effects of discoloration from stretch marks, sun damaged skin and the brown, blotchy hyperpigmentation associated with melasma. CIT may also cause your skincare products to be more effective as it creates small holes in your skin that can better soak up the lotions, serums, and creams you are using.

It’s time to leave behind all the money you spend on external collagen and help your body create its own collagen naturally from the inside out. Schedule a consultation with a dermatologist from Vanguard Dermatology (located in the greater New York City area) to see how collagen induction therapy can help to heal your skin.

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