How Dermaplaning Prepares Your Skin for Makeup and More

Vanguard Dermatology dermaplaning services How Dermaplaning Prepares Your Skin for Makeup and More

There are a variety of skin rejuvenating treatments available to you through cosmetic dermatology. Dermaplaning is unique in its accessibility as a low-cost procedure, its safety even for those with sensitive skin and its lack of invasiveness and discomfort both during and post-treatment. Learn how dermaplaning works and what results you can expect from a dermaplaning treatment.

Dermaplaning Basics

Dermaplaning is a skin resurfacing treatment that removes the top layers of skin and the fine hairs (vellus) from the surface of your face. Also called facial exfoliation, blading and microplaning, dermaplaning is used to help with acne scarring and fine lines from sun damaged skin, brighten skin tone and smooth skin texture. Because it removes dead skin cells and the peach fuzz hair on your face, dermaplaning helps your skin better absorb skin care products and improves how your make-up goes on your skin. Many dermatologists also use dermaplaning as a preparatory procedure improving the results of another facial procedure. Dermaplaning is recommended for most skin types, even for those with sensitive skin. Many exfoliating treatments, like chemical peels and microdermabrasion, can irritate sensitive skin. Dermaplaning is one of the gentler skin rejuvenating treatments. It is also one of the least expensive treatments, costing around $100-$150 for a session.

What Happens During the Treatment?

You can expect a treatment to last only about 20-30 minutes. You may be given the option of using a topical numbing agent, but because there is no pain associated with dermaplaning, you shouldn’t need it. Your face will be gently cleaned with alcohol to remove any oil. The practitioner will then carefully pull sections of your skin taut while using quick, short strokes with a scalpel to remove the dead skin cells and hairs. After the dermaplaning is done, you will probably have sunscreen applied to your face to protect your newly scraped skin from being irritated by sun exposure.

What Results Can I Expect?

You will have no downtime with a dermaplaning treatment. Your skin might be a bit pink, and you will need to apply sunscreen and moisturizer for a few days after the procedure. But you can get this treatment done during lunch and then return to work. Many results for dermaplaning are immediate. You may need a couple of days to see full results, but your skin will at once be more smooth and bright. You should find that your skincare products are absorbed more quickly and that your makeup goes on more smoothly. You may also see a quick change in your skin with less breakouts because of the removal of hairs that can trap oil and bacteria on the surface of your skin. If you are looking for reduction in fine lines and acne scars, you will need to have up to six sessions before you see marked change in your skin. Despite its effectiveness at removing dead skin cells, hairs and other things that can dull your skin, the results from dermaplaning are not permanent. Your skin will develop another layer of dead skin cells after about 3 weeks to a month. But you can get a refresher treatment done quickly and without a big punch to your wallet.

Cautions with Dermaplaning

Make sure that you get your dermaplaning treatment done by an experienced dermatologist. Someone who does not know what they are doing can scrape too deeply into your skin and cause bleeding and scarring. For the same reason, it is not recommended that you use an at-home dermaplaning kit. Also, if you have active acne or a rosacea flare-up, you should wait to do the dermaplaning treatment. The dermaplaning blade could nick a bump or pimple and cause bleeding and/or infection. If you have a tendency to develop cold sores, let your dermatologist know before you receive the dermaplaning treatment, as it could trigger a flare-up. Your doctor will prescribe an antiviral that will prevent the dermaplaning from activating the herpesvirus responsible for cold sores.

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