Don’t Live With Adult Acne. Find Out Which Treatment Option Is Best for You.

 Don’t Live With Adult Acne. Find Out Which Treatment Option Is Best for You.

Just when you thought the nightmare of teenage acne had ended years ago, you notice new pimples popping up around your face. Adult acne is a common condition, but one that still triggers self-consciousness about your appearance.

At Vanguard Dermatology, the experienced team of dermatologists understands how adult acne can affect the appearance of your skin and how you feel about your looks. They offer several treatment options to address acne and prevent permanent scarring on your skin.

Causes of acne in adulthood

As an adult, your body goes through many changes – many of which involve your hormones. Fluctuations in your hormone levels are a primary cause of adult acne, especially during pregnancy or on your journey to menopause. Men also experience hormone changes that can trigger acne growth.

Both men and women are also at increased risk for adult acne when they are under excessive stress at work or in their personal lives. For some, acne develops because of medication use, especially hormone replacement therapies and steroids.

Although greasy foods have long been labeled as a cause of acne breakouts, foods high in carbohydrates are actually what can lead to chronic acne.

Determine the right treatment for your adult acne

The Vanguard Dermatology staff take time to evaluate your acne and its severity to determine which treatment will provide the best results. Many people benefit from the use of special facial cleansers and moisturizers that protect skin and eliminate bacteria and excess oils that reside in your pores.

For moderate-to-severe acne, your treatment plan may include prescription medication you take orally. Chemical peels are also a good option for exfoliating skin and reducing the amount of bacteria in the pores.

Innovative photodynamic therapy is an advanced treatment for acne that uses a special acid and light treatments to reduce the amount of oil that lies in your pores. Light therapy can also shrink oil glands to limit the amount of oils being produced.

You can also make dietary changes to ensure healthy skin. Keep your eye on the number of carbs you eat to reduce your risk for acne breakouts.

Addressing the side effects of acne

Adult acne can leave noticeable scars behind, especially if breakouts are severe. The staff at Vanguard Dermatology offers additional treatments to address these scars and improve the overall appearance and health of your skin.

In addition to chemical peels for acne treatment, you can also schedule a peel to address scars left behind. Chemical peels use specialized chemicals that gently remove surface layers of skin and dead skin cells to reveal the fresh, healthy skin underneath.

Microdermabrasion is also effective at eliminating the surface layer of skin to reduce the appearance of acne scars and other common flaws to improve the health of your skin. Microdermabrasion gives you younger-looking, smoother skin without the need for invasive procedures.

It’s never too late to address the root cause of your adult acne. Schedule a skin consultation at Vanguard Dermatology today to learn more about available treatments for treating and preventing acne.

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