5 Ways Dermaplaning Makes Your Skin Look and Feel Better

 5 Ways Dermaplaning Makes Your Skin Look and Feel Better

You may have heard of dermaplaning, the revolutionary manual exfoliation technique approved by dermatologists. But perhaps you’re not sure how this method could benefit your specific skin care concern. Here are five ways that dermaplaning helps the skin look brighter, smoother, and years younger.

1. It Removes Peach Fuzz

    Do you feel self-conscious about those tiny little vellus hairs on your face (also known as “peach fuzz”)? If you’re someone who regularly wears makeup, you might notice that these hairs become more noticeable with foundation or powder. But dermaplaning actually removes these hairs altogether with the use of a sterile surgical blade. Two to three weeks’ worth of dead skin cells and vellus hair are removed with every dermaplaning treatment.

    2. It Reduces Wrinkles

      If you’re noticing fine lines and light wrinkles around the face, you might consider giving dermaplaning a try. This super safe manual exfoliation technique can get rid of surface wrinkles while evening out skin tone. After a dermaplaning treatment, skin is noticeably brighter with a youthful glow! You can also opt for a dermaplaning treatment as an add-on service to an anti-aging facial.

      3. It Diminishes Acne Scars

        Acne is an extremely common skin condition. Because it’s caused by dirt and oil (called sebum) trapped in the pores, it’s critical that those who have acne get regular exfoliation treatments. Dermaplaning is a great add-on to an acne facial treatment involving cleansing and extraction, or on its own as a manual exfoliator. As the dermaplaning blade is gently scraped across the face, dirt and oils can no longer collect on vellus hairs or dead skin cells, meaning they’re less likely to cause breakouts. And regular dermaplaning treatments can help smooth any acne scarring over time with repetitive exfoliation of the surface layer skin.

        4. It Helps With Product Absorption

          Because the skin is constantly shedding dead cells, those high-end skin care products you use may not always be absorbed into the pores that need them. Dermaplaning removes this layer of dead skin so products can better permeate the layers that matter. If you’re using anti-aging products, topical acne treatments, or thick moisturizers for dry skin, you’ll start to see a difference in product efficacy with regular dermaplaning treatments.

          5. It Allows Smoother Makeup Application

            The removal of vellus hair isn’t just about having a hairless face. It also makes for much better makeup application. When you have a smooth canvas to work with, your makeup glides on easier, stays on longer, and doesn’t cake or flake throughout the day. The same goes for diminished acne scars. When pockmarks are reduced, makeup can be applied more evenly without the use of concealers or fillers for pitted scars. Just be sure to wait until the day after dermaplaning to apply makeup -- it’s best that the skin is allowed to breathe for the rest of the day following your treatment.

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