4 Solutions for Brown Spots and Summer Skin Damage

 4 Solutions for Brown Spots and Summer Skin Damage

Few things compare to enjoying the warm sun on your face during a summer day. Unfortunately, frequent exposure to the sun, and other forms of ultraviolet (UV) light increases your risk of skin damage, like brown spots, moles, freckles, and waxy, elevated growths.

In most cases, brown spots and other forms of skin damage aren’t dangerous, but they can affect your complexion and cause the appearance of premature aging. But you don’t have to live with these imperfections, the experienced team at Vanguard Dermatology can help identify your skin issues and recommend treatments that reverse the signs of sun damage and aging.

Recognizing the signs of skin damage

Brown spots and other signs of skin damage are most common on areas of your body exposed to the sun, like your face, shoulders and upper back, forearms, and the backs of your hands. These skin discolorations are due to excess melanin production. Melanin is the substance in your body responsible for skin pigment. For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun or other UV light sources, like tanning beds, causes melanin production to increase or cluster in certain areas on your body.

Anyone can develop brown spots and other signs of skin damage, but certain factors can increase your risks, including:

  • Being over 40 years of age
  • Having light or red hair and fair skin
  • Frequent sun or tanning bed use
  • A history of sunburn

Though you can reduce your chances of developing these signs of skin damage by using sunscreen and covering up, you may not be able to prevent sun damage completely. Fortunately, Vanguard Dermatology offers several proven solutions to erase the signs of aging and leave you with clear, flawless skin.

The most effective techniques for treating sun damage involve removing damaged skin cells on the surface to reveal the layers of healthy, new tissue underneath.

HydraFacial MD®

HydraFacial is an innovative exfoliation and relaxing skin resurfacing treatment. This skin therapy takes less than 30 minutes and works to remove dead skin cells and extract impurities while cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing your skin with award-winning super serums formulated to treat specific skin conditions.

To eliminate dark spots and sun-damaged areas, your Vanguard Dermatology dermatologist typically recommends HydraFacial Britenol™ Boost. The specially designed serum is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, resulting in a more even complexion.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a skin rejuvenation treatment using various strengths of chemicals and acids to exfoliate your skin.

To help treat the most stubborn signs of skin damage, including age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, Vanguard Dermatology offers superficial, medium, and deep chemical peels. They also provide customized acid peels using trichloroacetic, salicylic, and glycolic acids.

Based on your sun damage, your Vanguard Dermatology specialist might also suggest VI Peels®, which is specially formulated to treat the signs of aging and other skin imperfections.


Microdermabrasion facials work to renew your skin tone and texture by gently sanding away the thick, outer layer of your skin. This treatment typically takes an hour while you rest comfortably in a reclining chair. During your appointment, your dermatologist uses a small handheld device to remove the surface layer of your skin and then applies a moisturizer and sunscreen as a protectant.

In most cases, you experience immediate results after having microdermabrasion as new and healthy skin is more visible.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) laser therapy

IPL is an innovative laser treatment often referred to as a photofacial. This treatment uses short pulses of light to penetrate the deepest layers of your skin to restore your complexion.

Vanguard Dermatology relies on a Fraxel® IPL laser treatment that provides several advantages, including:

  • Using heat to break down the melanin cells causing skin discoloration
  • Harnessing short pulses of light energy for deep penetration that triggers collagen and elastin production to improve skin tone and texture
  • Encouraging faster healing because of patented microbeams of laser energy

Fraxel IPL laser treatments typically take between 20-25 minutes. As your skin flakes and heals, you begin seeing initial results within a week with maximum benefits in two to three months.

For more information on eliminating brown spots and reversing the signs of sun damage, call Vanguard Dermatology, or schedule an appointment online today.

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